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General rental conditions

General rental conditions

the balance of the rent must be paid upon delivery of keys. On the day of arrival, the property will be available from 16.00 to 19.00 while the day of departure the keys will be returned to the Agency no later than 10:00 am, on pain of a penalty (as per contract).

when the balance of the rent the tenant will be required to pay a deposit required by the contract, a sum which means a zero interest and which will be returned upon departure after checking the apartment; in case of early departure or in the closing hours of the agency, the deposit will be sent by money order (excluding shipping charges).

possession of the property must take place no later than the day following the commencement of the lease period fixed, under the express condition that the absence of such possession, will occur in the automatic termination of the contract resulting in the loss of the deposit and the obligation to pay the rent agreed.

the tenant is responsible to both the lessor and third parties, of any misuse or careless use of the property and its facilities, so any damage will be borne by the same.

furniture, furnishings, utensils and appliances present in the property, must be returned to the lessor in the same state and the degree to which they are supplied to the conductor, who hereby agrees to notify the Agency of any possible problem, malfunction or failure within 24 hours from the occupation of the property so that you can remedy quickly, avoiding disputes at baggage with retention of the security deposit by the agency.

the tenant is obliged to respect and to ensure respect for people living with him the building regulations and the time of rest.

if the lease takes place via telephone booking, without the handler, please see the premises rented and relies exclusively verbal description of the apartment, the latter raises any liability the agency Elite Real Estate from any differences that should find compared to their expectations.

it is prohibited to have pets or farmyard premises leased without the consent of the agency Elite Realty.

By signing the contract, the tenant gives his consent to the processing of personal data by the agency Elite Real Estate for purposes connected with this contract and the obligations resulting from the same.

any any dispute relating to this contract, the parties elect which Jurisdiction exclusively to Venice